Friday, November 9, 2012

An antique kinda look

Sarah kept asking if we could go see the tractor at our summer campground.  At first I never saw it.  We've been going for so long I never really noticed it.  We got some cute outfits from around the same place and I couldn't resist a photo opportunity!

Friday, August 24, 2012


Sarah, you kept us very busy this summer!  You rode your bike around like a crazy person.  You made friends very easily at the park.  You had fun watching the boys fish.  You were in the water a lot!  You loved the boogie board this year or floaties.  Many a kid on the beach was convinced to give you a ride of some sort.  One day of the beach you were so tired you came over to me crying saying your eyes hurt.  So I looked at them thinking maybe you had sand in them, but you didn't.  Within minutes of laying your head on my lap you were fast asleep.  Your eyes were apparently hurting because you were soooooooo tired!  You slept for over an hour on the beach that day.  And when you woke up your eyes were suddenly fine!:)

You have a very fun personality and a wonderful imagination!  I love being your MOM!

I think we got some pretty cute pictures of you this year!

Sarah wore her life jacket every day at the beach.  She asked to put it on as soon as we got there, and really never took it off.  We saw a sad story unfold on the beach this year as rescue boats and police cars made it to the beach.  Later, we found out a young girl had drown.  So difficult to watch the the teams of people and boats frantically searching to find her.  Unfortunately, she wasn't recovered for a few days.  They did find her body.  A powerful example of how dangerous the water can be.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 She has grown up so much this summer.  Really wanting to be independent and be a big girl.  This summer she was much more active on the beach.  She walked up and down the beach a few times.  She wasn't afraid of the water either.  She was very comfortable on trying to float on the boogie board or in the floaties.  She received many a ride from the nearest friend around.  She really enjoyed the beach this year.  There wasn't as many naps on the beach as I would have preferred.  But there were a few days she climbed into her stroller, asked for a drink and fell fast asleep.  She had the opportunity to ride on a boat as well and she enjoyed that too.  The hardest part of camping this year was keeping her close to home.  She kept walking around looking for her friend Megan or just plain walking around to see what was going. In the trailer we would put her asleep on our bed  and then move her to her bunk later.  I think she things its her bed now!

Trying to master the boogie board. That is hard to do when you are only 2!  But persistence is a virtue right!?  We rarely took her life jacket off her.  With 4 kids to watch that is what we were most comfortable with.  I did manage to take it off her to get a few shots of her without it, but she did pretty much wear it all the time.  She would ask for it as soon as we got to the beach.  This is a huge change from last year when she couldn't walk in it!  She learned to swim in this life jacket this year too.  The was a wonderful thing!  To be able to put her down in the pool and see her trying to swim around on her own and not be afraid to do so.

You spend a lot of the year looking forward to things.  One of those things for me is Penticton.  And then before you know it the two weeks are over.  We love going out there and hanging out at the beach.  We talk about going for longer next year.  I guess we will see.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Boating in Ontario

 Enjoying meeting Leroy!

 On the tube!

Tube Wars!

We had such a great time visiting with friends in Ontario.  We went out on the boat quite a bit.  The kids loved riding on the tubes, having tube wars and just swimming around in the lake!  It was a great way to cool off in the summer heat out in Ontario!   A Huge thanks to our friends for sharing their boat with us!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Canada Day 2012

 Nathan who used to be so tricky to get a good picture of has been doing great with pictures for me!
 Jacob, another willing participant.
 Wow, a nice picture of both!  How did that happen!

 Playing at the park!

 Best Buddies