Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow Fun!

We had some snow last week. Of course while Chris was away so who had to take care of the crazy long drive way....yup ME! So while we were outside shoveling we decided to make some snowmen. Jacob wanted carrots and the whole bit, but I didn't have any. Maybe next time!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scrapbooking Again!

I finally did some scrapbooking out here in the East! I haven't done it in so long that I was worried I had forgotten how to use my stuff! The above pictures are of Sarah. They were taken just after we picked out all of our pumpkins!

This was a kit that I bought. It worked well for the field trip the boys had. I have not added the journalling part yet...but I couldn't wait to post something. Kits are a really good way to get you back in the mood. I modified it to fit more pictures on.

We took the kids to this park and had a bunch of pictures taken. It was a beautiful day and we got some great pictures. Unfortunately, it is hard to see some of the detail. But you get the idea.

This started out as a kit, but I made a lot of changes to this one. Again, I like to fit more than three photos on a two page layout! The colors worked well with the sand and of course Sarah's pink shirt!
Now I just need to keep doing it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah's Seven Months Photos!

Isn't she beautiful!
So Precious!

Okay...I love these pictures!!! The two top ones are my favourite!! It cost me a little bit more but they were worth it! However, I bought the CD which gives me the rights to the pictures and I can print however many I want where ever I want!

Next post will have to be on Jacob to make things a little fair around here!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I love this picture of him. My big boy is four! Time just goes so fast. Before I know it he will be asking for my car keys on his way out somewhere! Punk # 2 I love you!

He likes to hold Sarah.

Eating His birthday cake at his party!
He asked for a Hotwheels cake and it came as cupcakes. It was the best tasting birthday cake I have had in a long time. There was a lot of icing but it wasn't too sweet! And it was super easy to hand out to everyone!

Bowling at his party.

Celebrating on his actual birthday at home.

My cute big boy!

Nathan drew this picture of our family and I was very impressed with how much detail he actually included in it. I thought he did a pretty good job! In case you are wondering I am the one with hair!:)

This is Nathan's picture of a tank. Again I thought he did a pretty good job all by himself!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sarah is 7 Months Old!

I love this look...sooooo cute!
How she leans on one arm and reaches to get what ever it is she wants.

Playing with her blocks.

Another cute expression!

And of course the smiles!! Love those!

6 Months

Halloween Bear!

5 Months

5 Months and she really is an angel!
She is rolling all over the place and reaching for things. We have to watch her to make sure she isn't pulling things down on herself. She is loving her fruits and cereal. She likes some of her veggies mostly sweet potatoes and corn. Not a huge fan of carrots and peas. I know someone else who doesn't like peas hmmmm. She had her first teething cookie today and seemed pretty happy with that. We have also discovered she likes apple juice.
Since starting solid food my wonderful sleeper is not sleeping through the night anymore. It was getting better until this weekend when she had her first fever and stuffed up nose. I think not being able to breathe and suck her thumb keeps her waking up quite a bit. A few more days and she should be feeling better and we can get back on track to the good sleeping!
She has been saying Ma Ma Ma since she was 5 months old. But she has added Da Da Da and Na Na Na. I love that she said Ma Ma Ma first! When she is tired or wants something that is what she says.
I did weigh her today and she weighs 15 lbs and 1 oz. She is wearing mostly 3-6 months size even a one outfit that is 0-3. Anything bigger is too long for her.
She continues to be a very easy going and happy baby. Sometimes a little shy when meeting new people. I am enjoying watching her grow and develop everyday! We are so blessed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We took a trip to the Butterfly Place out here!
This is an Owl Butterfly!

Yup! He is HOLDING a cockroach!

And him too!

A walk through trying to find the pretty blue one!

And here he is! This was my favorite one. So pretty! But did you know that butterflies only live for two weeks!?! This place orders 500 caterpillars already in their chrysalis every week!

How can he be afraid of the butterfly? But he didn't want to get too close!

Freshly "hatched" butterflies waiting for their wings to dry! Usually takes about a day before they fly off.

Look at all those just waiting to come out of their chrysalis. So many different kids too! Visiting this place was a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed it! I enjoyed it too! It was neat to see so many different kinds of butterflies and if you stood still enough they would come and land on you. The person who worked there answered all of Jacob's questions and they learned a lot! I would recommend a visit if you are out this way!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Short Post

We had a kid birthday party for Nathan yesterday. We took the kids bowling and they had a great time! Nathan had a Hotwheels birthday cake and if was the first time I had ordered a cupcake cake. Well I highly recommend that! It was very yummy and so easy to hand out!

Nathan was quite spoiled from all his friends! Thank you so much for all the cool gifts! I think I may have a few arguments over a few of the toys...I will post pictures later! Nathan had a great time and loved having a few of the families sleep over!

Thanks for making Nathan's birthday very special!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween at School and Trick or Treating!

Trick or treating 2008!

Indiana Jones!

Anakin Skywalker!

You might think she's an Ewok, but she is a cute Bear!

Our display!

What they wore to school. You see we had a costume change because no masks were allowed at school. So Jacob decided to wear Peter Pan. I think he actually liked wearing so many different costumes this season. Nathan had a few others to choose from too, but he LOVES Indy.
They had a lot of fun trick or treating this year. They ran to all the houses. They were so excited. We ran into a child that goes to their school. He is a SK but in Nathan's class and we were excited to learn they live three houses down from us across the street. Well, ever since they boys found this out...they keep asking to go over. The parents actually introduced themselves when they came to our door to trick or treat, but I didn't recognize their child in his costume and my boy were not at the door to see him either. I thought it was pretty nice they welcomed us to the neighborhood and introduced themselves. Then later on we ended up trick or treating at the same house and the boys were so excited to see a child from school and from their class!
What kids in this neighborhood...we didn't think there were any. So it was really nice to find that out. The other parents said the same things. So hopefully we can work some future play dates out!