Monday, August 25, 2008

OK so I finally registered the kids in school today. I thought I would show you a picture of the school. It looks quite different that what I am used to seeing in Calgary. The staff greeted us and they were quite friendly. The secretary entertained the boys, chatted them up and even held Sarah while I filled out all the required forms.
Jacob and Nathan will both go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and alternating Fridays. And yes, they actually go to school for the whole day. School starts at 9:05am. Not too early yeah! School ends at 3:25pm. The kids get two nutrition breaks through out the day. They are about 40 minutes long each. I didn't think I would be leaving them at school for lunch but I am not sure about the timing yet and then I would have to do it twice a day. They don't appear to have a "recess" break like I am used to. The other interesting fact is that we qualify for busing. So the bus comes just down the street to pick them up. I will still take them their first day. I haven't decided about the busing for sure. Need to think about it some more.

The secretary said the kindergarten teachers would give me a call this week, so I guess I will find out more information there. Yikes, this all happens next week. Both my babies go to Big Kid school!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ipperwash Beach!

Being an invalid means I pretty much sat here the whole time! It was hot! I finally got to feel some of Ontario's hot weather.

This is a picture of Ipperwash Beach at Lake Huron. This past Saturday we drove out there to see what kind of camp ground areas were around there. It took us a little over an hour to get there, but really not too long a drive at all. I have never seen the any of the Great Lakes before and it really is amazing how BIG they are.

Chris and the boys enjoying the water. I zoomed in and they are still quite far out.
Sarah sitting on the beach. I forgot her swim suit. Next time we will be more prepared.

The sand was quite fine and soft. Some places were packed down quite a bit. The water's edge was quite shallow for good distance into the water. This of course let Jacob go out quite far, which he liked. Thankfully Daddy doesn't have a broken foot!

We did not come to the beach well prepared but the kids loved it. The water was quite warm. I thought It was way warmer than in Penticton. I went in to go cool of and was preparing myself for the Skaha Lake shock but that didn't happen here. I like that feature. Sarah likes it too. We had a fun day together as a family, but quiet. Where were our camping friends!? No Uncles or Aunties to start water fights ! I missed you all and wish you could have been at this beautiful beach with us!

OK I just looked over at Sarah and she has officially rolled over on to her tummy for the first time! Wow that happened fast! She is just four months old! For the last few weeks she has rolled to her side but not all the way over until just today!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


So I broke the side of my left foot yesterday. The doctor says it will take 4-6weeks to heal. I hope that actually means fully healed! My right leg is tired already from having to do more. I feel on a wiggly brick outside my front door. It was my foot that rolled and I kinda fell forward and threw Sarah in her car seat down to the ground. Thankfully, she was ok, just scared from the quick movements. It means I have to slow down a bit for a few days. I am ok, it only hurts when I walk, and really a mom of three kids.... how much walking do I really do!?!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, I finally found a crib. I bought something totally different than what we had. I also decided to buy a matching dresser for the room too. The neat thing about this crib is that it turns into a toddler bed as well as a double bed later. The colour is a dark dark brown. I am thinking about painting the room in a light pink so I think that dark colour will look good. Currently the room is a turquoise, bright blueish colour. I only had three choices for cribs mostly because I did not want to wait possible three months before it comes. I am just glad we can pick it up tomorrow. Once I get the room organized and painted, I will take pictures and post them for you all to see.

I haven't been unpacking much these last few days. I needed a break from it! But today I got back into the swing of things. Our room upstairs all done, excepting putting the treadmill together. Got the master bathroom all sorted out and the den downstairs is no longer a big mess. So things are taking more shape today. I even went downstairs and unpacked about 6 boxes there.

I think we have decided to have a garage sale. We have some stuff we have now decided to just get rid of. So hopefully I can get it together to organize that.

Jacob and Nathan are in need of a play date! Chris thinks that Jacob was calling Nathan, Ethan today. Maybe he was I don't know for sure. They have asked about their friends and they talk about them. I think they are missing all of them! We went to Toys R Us yesterday and Nathan thought we were back in Calgary. I tried to explain that Waterloo has lots of the same stores as Calgary. If only we could drive for a visit!!!:)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A new crib please!

So the movers broke my crib! I phoned them and they said they would send me a form. I then said how long will all this take. She said a few weeks. So I explained that the item I was calling about was a crib and that I needed it sooner rather than later. So they approved me to go out and buy a new crib. I thought this would be easy, just go to the store pick one out and off you go. NOT so. They have Baby Depot here, and some things are actually on sale and available. But only available in every other colour but the kind that matches my change table and dresser. The one I want could take 8-12 weeks!!! Are they kidding me! So I went off to another store in search of something. They too had lots and stuff available to take home today, but not in the colour I need. You're probably thinking I must be trying to match this unusual colour, but I just need a crib in a natural wood colour. Not white, antique white, maple, dark maple, special cherry or green. So the baby depot didn't have everything available on the floor to see so they suggested I check out the website. So I will and here's hoping I will find one that I can have without having to wait possibly 3months! Crazy. And all for a crib. Well, at least it gives me something to do during the day. The other problem with this, is seeing all the cool baby stuff that I don't really need. But it sure is tempting:) Poor me more shopping!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sarah 4 Months!

Today was a busy day for us. A little shopping, some lunch, a trip out to Cambridge to see the Nurse Practitioner for Sarah's immunization shots. Thank the Lord for the Navigation system, it has become my new best friend! Anyway, things are done quite differently out here. At least for me. Back home as some of you would know the health nurser would instruct you on the vaccines being given, provide you with lots of developmental, healthy teeth, and safety information for the age your child was. Then they make a plan of attack for giving of the needles. Well here, she asked me about breastfeeding, weighed and measured her of course but then just laid her down and gave her two shots, one in each leg. And that was that! No reading material at all but she did say no solids until 6 months. I should say that the nurse was quite friendly and nice, just so different from home.

Sarah was weighed and she weighs 12lbs and 8oz. She is 23 and 3/4inches long. They did not tell me her percentile, so I will have to look it up myself. She screamed pretty good, and no bell here to distract the baby either.

Some of you may find this interesting though. Those of you who know Sarah, also know that she has blocked tear ducts. Well the nurse noticed this as well and she did tell me to message the eyes and use the warm compress, but to also rub in some breast milk!!?! She said that is what they do in places where people have no medical care systems. Anyone heard that before?

I also promised pictures of the jungle.

Yesterday was a great day! I got to talk with some of my friends I have been missing. So good to catch up! I miss you all!

We are finally having some nice weather here in Ontario. As I am writing this Chris and the boys are in the pool having some fun! I wasn't sure how I felt about having the pool, but rain or shine my kids and sometimes Chris have been in the pool everyday!

Friday, August 15, 2008


The first picture is of our neighbors house and lot across the street. The second is a picture of our house from across the street. Seems like we live on this country road. More neighbors have come by and said hello. Willow got out of the yard yesterday, but a friendly neighbor picked her up and was looking for her owners. Lucky dog because she managed to cross a very busy intersection. Jackson somehow found a way into the neighbors yard beside us. Hopefully, we have solved all those problems!

Today, I really miss my friends and my Mom. She sounded so lonely on the phone. I will have to call her again tomorrow.


Monday, August 11, 2008


Well I have only been here since late Friday night and I have Sarah's room, the kitchen and most of ours and the boys room unpacked. Part of the hold up is waiting for the washer and the dryer to arrive. They come on Wednesday.

It has been hard getting used to the time difference. I am going to bed sooooo late as a result. I think today it finally caught up to me.

I actually started working on the basement last night. Got 5 boxes unpacked downstairs, mostly for my scrapbook area. Seems like I am on vacation. I know it will seem more real when I can't see what people are up to and make plans with them. Good news is you are all at camp and couldn't make plans anyway, so that will make this weekend go a little easier.

Some of you were asking me how big KW is, well the K is about 250 000 people and the W is about 110 000 people.

Chris bought me a navigation system and I have to say it has made getting around on my own really easy. It is very easy to use and easy to follow as well. This will make my shopping adventures way to easy!

We live on a quiet street, some of the neighbors have said hello. I haven't seen too many kids but I heard some the other day in someones pool. I hope there are a few close by. The school isn't to far away. I think we could walk it, weather permitting! I haven't registered the kids yet I am still waiting for a piece of mail to show up to prove that I actually live here. Tomorrow I will take pictures of our street and post them. I was shocked to see such huge lots. Needles to say, you really are not very close to a neighbor.

Despite the rainy, yucky, terrible weather.... the kids still find ways to get into that pool! It isn't even heated right now, but every chance they get they are in it. In case you are wondering, we have a life jacket on rule if you are in the back yard at all. This way, if someone falls in we are all still safe. They mostly walk around it and put their water toys in it, but you never know what could happen.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I made it here!

Well, I am here! Thank you Kathy for all your help today. Thanks Ron and the kids for waiting. My trip started out a little rocky. I forgot to gas up the rental car, so I had to go back out and find a place to gas up. Then Westjet had a huge, huge line for me to wait in. Then Nathan decided to get physical with Jacob which lead to a bleeding nose. I have to say I had the nicest Westjet people helping me today and of course Auntie Kathy was a hero for helping Jacob with his very messy bleeding nose. After I said goodbye to Kathy I started crying, but the funny thing was I think the really nice Westjet lady thought I was stressed out, not sad about leaving. She kept telling me the hard part was over and that the dogs would be fine.

The kids were great on the plane. Sarah was asleep for most of it. Jacob and Nathan watched movies. I saw Jenn L. and Jeremy R at the airport in the waiting area. Lots of babies on this plane today.

Chris picked me up and the kids raced towards him. We were all happy to be together again! Quite a small airport, we had to use stairs to get out of the plane. Dogs survived the trip. No messes either, yeay!!

Saw the house for the first time today, quite nice. Different in some ways than the pictures lead me to believe. The boxes piled up everywhere aren't helping!!! I did unpack Sarah's room and the master bedroom tonight. I unpacked about 5 kitchen boxes, but so many more to go. Man we have a lot of stuff!!!

The kids were very excited about the pool. They wanted to swim in it right away. It is a big pool. Not a lot of grass in the back yard but enough. However, there seems to be another jungle garden here. Why me? Pretty yard though.

Anyway, I am finally here. Looking forward to seeing a few things tomorrow. Our phones started working tonight, and soon the phones will be charged up and ready to go.

If my friends in AB are reading this, I hope you all have a fun week at camp!

Friday, August 8, 2008

No more goodbyes!

Today was the last time to hang out with friends here. I have tried very hard to keep my tears hidden from my kids. Mostly because I don't want them to worry about the move, but these last two nights I just couldn't hold it in. So them seeing me cry sparked some conversations that I found to be so cute. They went like this...

Jacob : "Mommy, why are you crying?"

Me: "Mommy is sad about not seeing her friends for awhile. I am going to miss them."

Jacob: "I will miss my friends too!"

Nathan: "Well, Daddy is your friend and he will be there in Tario."

Nathan: "Baby, you are going to make new friends in Tario."

Nathan; "Aunty is going to visit you in Tario Mommy."

Jacob: "Mommy, I have a surprise for you."

Me: "What is it?"

Jacob: "It is two surprises a kiss and a hug, no three surprises, love too!"

And of course this leads to more TEARS!!!! The wisdom of small children never stops amazing me.

Next post from Tario

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three more sleeps

I can't believe it, but as of tonight I only have three more sleeps until I fly out. Where does the time go? It really seemed like this day would never happen. Yet here I am sleeping at my Mom's with the kids and using a rental car. I try not to think about what I am leaving behind because it really causes the tears to flow and I am using my new laptop and I don't think it is water proof. I really do have some amazing friends. All of you have made my last few days here so special. I am going to miss all you guys!!!! I hope we have a good long distance plan, because I think I might need to keep up with all the things happening out here.