Monday, May 31, 2010

Military Museum Visit!

They would drive by and see the tanks and planes
from the road. Nathan asked if we could go there sometime.
So we did.
Lest We forget.
Korean War Memorial
Papa fought in the Korean War.

They loved seeing the tanks in person!

Ashley was there too, but slept through most of it!

These pictures are out of order. She wanted her picture taken like the boys below.

They automatically posed this way. I thought that was very respectful.
They learned a lot and we enjoyed learning together.
We have so much to be thankful for!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three Months Old

You are the sweetest baby!
You are so happy and smile so easy
You have such an easy going personality
Sometimes I lay you down and come back
to get you and you are asleep all on your own
You hardly cry
You are starting to interact with your siblings
You are grabbing for things and can pull your hat off now
You want to sit up and see what's going on around you
You wear size 1 diapers still
You wear 0-3 Months clothes
You love the swing and the mobile in your room
You wake up so happy in the mornings
You are an amazing baby...I am so glad to be your Mom!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sarah turns 2!

I had a talented friend make the cupcakes! Aren't they cute!
Enjoying them!

Wondering what is going on.
Sarah you turned 2
You talk really well and use lots of sentences
My favorite question is, "what happened?"
You ask it even when you do something.
I call you the Tornado Sarah....because of your desire
to play with many thing.
You LOVE shoes!
You are gentle with your little sister
You love to hold her
You love playing with your brothers
You love to push you stroller around and to jump on the trampoline
You really enjoy driving your electric bike around
You want to play street hockey with the big boys
You love being outside
You love all thing is fun to watch you play with the characters
You notice my earrings or nails and tell me they are, "nice."
You have just discovered how yummy chocolate milk is
You can still wear some 18 months stuff, but you wear size 2
your feet fit a 5 or 6...they grew a lot recently
you weigh 25 lbs
You are super cute!!!
You are now 2 and I can't believe it!
And I Love you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The New Ride

Yes, we got ANOTHER stroller. But I have to say, this one is pretty amazing! It can be a stroller, a jogging stroller, or a bike trailer. We also got the "sling" that holds the babies and keeps them happy. And just look at her....doesn't she look like she is happy? It was a quick ride to fish creek but after Ashley slept for 5 hours. Sarah was enjoying the ride and then walking when she tripped and scratched up her nose. Some of what you see on her cheeks is ketchup from supper. Yes....a good Mom would have washed her face before we left, but I was so excited to try out the stroller. The boys went for a bike ride. They went all the way to the golf course. Pretty far.