Friday, January 30, 2009

It is official!

We have a crawler on our hands! She has been army style crawling for a while but in Mexico once on the shiny floor she did the real thing. Then finally today at home she did it again! They are so cute when they crawl! I will have to catch it on video!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrr it is COLD here!

Back to the COLD! And I don't like it!

Does the snow ever melt here in Waterloo? I think the snowbanks here just keep growing and growing!!! I miss my Chinooks!!!!

Mexico was a great vacation. The resort we stayed at was a great place to take a family. Lots of choices and good food and good service!

We were very concerned at the start that we wouldn't be staying with our friends because out tour company had upgraded us to a different Hotel. But someone at the resort we stayed at heard our pleas and did what they could to help us stay there! The whole point of the trip was to surprise the kids and hang out with our friends. So we were quite concerned about this. We almost cancelled the trip because the tour company was NO help at all! Thankfully, it all worked out. We had a wonderful time hanging out with all the Haskey's! It was so great for the kids to have other kids to play with.

I have lots of pictures, some I need to scan so hopefully in the next day or two I can get a few pictures posted.

The boys got kindergarten report cards today. They are both doing well. We are very proud of the boys! Nathan's teacher actually used the word quiet to describe him. Could she really be talking about my Nathan?! Interesting to see how things are done out here. The boys even evaluated themselves on a mini report card. Impressive for kindergarten I thought!

Nathan however will be getting a new teacher for the rest of the school year as the one he has is going travelling with her husband.

Sarah continues to want to work on this standing thing! She is all over the place. She is such a great baby! She was easy to travel with and did so great on the trip!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

9 Months!

It is a whole new world here at our house these last few weeks. It first started in the crib this STANDING! It has now progressed to anything that will hold up 15 lbs 12 oz! I weighed her today. She is so little! How can not even size one feet hold up anything? I am enjoying seeing her personality come out. I have pictures from Zerhs, but no time to scan....when I get back from our vacation in Mexico I will post the pictures!

Friday, January 16, 2009


The girls decorated the boys hair. Hard to tell with Jacob's short haircut and Ethan was their next victim/customer!

This Darth Vador has a very cute and funny Yoda voice!

More kids...this was the best part about visiting. Seeing all the kids together!

Had to have something of Sarah! This was taken two days ago.
She is sill loving the Jolly Jumper!

Very fun time!

Last weekend we went to visit Ron and Angela and the girls. The boys decided to take the kids to a tubing park. It was about 20 minutes away. It is a place where THEY tow up the tubes for you. Then you go up the hill in a lift and then you get to ENJOY the ride down. Sarah, Angela and I went shopping. It was a very fun experience for everyone!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is all I got today....

Jacob is off to another play date today. Poor Nathan he will be sad. I think we will have to plan a special activity for him tomorrow too.

The kids have both been taking skating lessons and we registered them again for the second semester. Nathan started out in a low group which we were disappointed in. But later during that first lesson got moved up. So we felt much better about that. Jacob is already in the top group for this age group. We had our second lesson of this semester and Nathan got moved up two groups into Jacob's class. We were a little surprised about that!!! However, upon looking back at where they both started, they are doing so well. They actually skate, jump on their skates and a few other tricks. They like going and it is neat to see their progress each week.

Jacob has been talking about Hockey. He says he wants to play hockey. So I guess we will have to look into all this at some point and just see what all that involves.

Sarah is doing better. She ended up being quite sick while on our holidays. I think she is just now getting back to eating solids regularly. She is still not liking vegetables, which she would eat before!!! I am happy to report she is sleeping better. She is not getting up every hour which is AWESOME! But she could still sleep a little longer. Small steps I guess. Being sick so no fun! Especially for a baby.

Something new, Sarah was STANDING in her crib when I went to go get her today. Hello! Doesn't she know she is a baby. I am not ready for a toddler!!! Slow down on the milestones I say!

Sorry no pictures...I left my camera at a friends house. But the good news is I get it back tonight!:)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cancun Mexico!!!

I am starting to get excited!!! This time next week I will be enjoying the sun in Cancun Mexico! I have never been and I am really looking forward to it. The boys still don't know about it yet. I think I will start talking about it with them this week. We originally did not tell them because we were focused on the Calgary trip and we wanted to surprise them!

The surprise part is that some of their very best friends will also be there! (Our good friends too)Noah, Jillian, and Isabella don't know either that we are coming. So I can NOT wait to see their reactions. I am looking forward to seeing our friends out there and enjoying the sun, beach, pool, and what ever else Mexico and the resort has to offer!!!

Now I have to start the packing process again.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am glad it is OVER!

I had no idea what I was in for but I am glad it is all over! I had an appointment with our new doctor to see about vaccines that would cover us for travel to Mexico. So we went, Chris met me there. And I am so thankful I made him go! Nathan was none to happy about the needles. Made quite a fuss! Both the boys got a double dose of a vaccine to cover them for the trip. Then they each got a flu shot. I couldn't bring myself to tell them we have to go back and finish up the vaccine at a later date. I think I will start praying about that now.

Chris came out the winner today because he received the most needles! 1flu, 1tetanus, 1 Hep A, and 1 Hep B. I had already received my tetanus when I first met with the doctor so I only needed the other three! We kept telling the kids it really didn't hurt that much but one of those Hep A or B really STUNG!!!!

I feel better knowing the kids are at less risk so I guess it was all worth it! Sarah is too young to have anything but the flu maybe she is the lucky one.

I really like this new doctor we have here. No one here is accepting new patients of course but because we new someone that new her she agreed to take us on. I am glad she agreed before all of Nathan's crying and sobbing!!!! She also gave us a prescription for antibiotics to take with us as a just in case, and a prescription for some medicine that would for sure prevent traveller's diarrhea. We didn't fill those as of yet. So before all that the total cost of the vaccines was almost $400!!!!! We still have to pay for the second doses in some cases!!!!

But soon we will be off to Mexico for the first time!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sledding Fun!

While out West visiting we took the kids to the hill and off they went! They all had a great time. I only captured a few pictures from the day as my camera battery died! It was a cold day but they sure had fun! It was fun to watch them too!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gingerbread Houses!

We were invited over one night to make these amazing gingerbread houses! This was a very fun evening for us with friends. Thanks Faye and Randy! Faye baked and constructed the houses and we got to decorate them. It was very fun to see the creativity come out! There are some very good decorators in their family. I enjoyed it so much I may need to learn how to bake gingerbread and try to make this a family tradition for our family! So much fun, thank you again!