Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our resort from the boat ride.
Whales! There were two of them. We were lucky to see them because they often leave for Alaska in April, but these two were hanging around!

Down by the beach on our resort.

Dolphins swimming beside our boat. I thought this was pretty COOL!

I have to say this is a beautiful place! I wish the kids were here to enjoy it too! The weather has been wonderful and the meals amazing! The people organizing this trip really outdid themselves!

The property here is also Beautiful! Tomorrow the group is going into a town and doing a little shopping and then in the evening it is the awards night and fancy dinner. Then most people fly out late on Sunday. But we don't leave until Wednesday which is really sooooooo nice for us. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for making all this possible!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sarah is ONE??!

I consider myself to be very blessed! Blessed with such a great family. Part of this family is a little girl who came into our lives quickly April 17th 2008. Sarah Lynn Presley was born and weighed 6 lbs 15 oz. She was so cute a little!! A beautiful addition to our family.
Happy Birthday my Sweetie! I miss you lots!
I will post more when I return from Maui about all the wonderful things you are doing now! And of course a new picture to show how much you have grown!
Update coming soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Egg decorating at my house!!!

We got dressed up for the event!

Look at those eggs!

So beautiful!

The docorators

Ready for anything!

Ready for the Easter Bunny!

Bring it On!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Niagara Falls!

Visiting Niagara Falls with Grandma and Grandpa!

Grandma and Grandpa!

The boys


We had a great day to visit the falls. Such a beautiful place. Then we walked around. We saw a was my first time having a look inside. I couldn't believe how huge it was or the fact they asked me if I was old enough to go IN??? I think they were being funny. It did make me laugh, and for those Salvationists reading worries I only looked and did not play!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Visiting Elora!

Beautiful Place to go visit.

What is this....signs of spring?!!!! I sure hope so!

Friday, April 10, 2009

What's goin' on here!


Working on crazy cupcakes that I hope will turn out!
Trying to catch up on laundry - does that ever end?
5 more sleeps until Maui - I am gonna miss the kids, especially Sarah
Tired of crappy weather
Ready for spring
Can't believe that there is only two and a half months of school left
Working on the home reading assignments
Thanking the Lord for answered prayer - WE GET A MOVING PACKAGE _ WOOHOOO!
Enjoying our visit with Chris's parents
Sarah is really walking around now
Jacob is sick again
Nathan still keeps us busy
Watching kids play wii
Celebrated our Anniversary tonight - dinner and a movie while Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids!:)
Spending time on facebook
Thinking about all the plans that need to be set in place
Making sure Nathan doesn't eat the candy I bought to decorate the above cupcakes
Checking in on my Mom
Thinking about the summer
Cooking meals
Cleaning up after three kids
Reading blogs
Going to Niagara Falls tomorrow
Thinking about packing
Trying to find an outfit for the dressy dinner
Wondering if I have what I need for Easter Day

That's about it!

Anyone else feel busy?

Oh ya, thanks for all the advice about the cupcakes. I hope they turn out well enough that I can take a picture and post it. I don't know why I have never tried google images....but that was a great suggestion! I could NOT believe what kind of amazing cupcakes there are out there! WOW!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hmmmm...could I do that?

Okay already!

I have been looking at all the amazing cupcakes and birthday cakes my friends all make for their kids. It is inspiring but also FRUSTRATING me!:) I have been inspired enough to make some cupcakes for a little girl's first birthday party, but I have no ideas at the moment. Nothing, notta, zero! I think I may make a trip to Michaels and see about a book for some ideas. It has to bee girly, cute and something I can actually make. So if you have any ideas send them my way.

All the cupcakes and birthday cakes I have seen lately, VERY CREATIVE! I love seeing what Mom's are making for their kids.

I hope I can be as creative! Wish me luck!