Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Penticton Trip! Part one of Many!

 Finallly posing for pictures!
 Enjoying the sand!  Sometimes she tried to eat it!  Not good!
 Sarah is a big girl!  She went out to the dock for the first time and jumped off!
 The Stacking Cups!  A beach must have!  She LOVES these cups! 
Someone managed to find us her own set so she wouldn't keep taking her friends! 
Ice cream.....should I say more?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swimming the July long weekend!

Wish I could sleep like this on the pool deck!

Walking Finally!

These are some first real steps the first ones are so hard to capture on camera! But She started walking this months at 17 Months old! She is such a good baby! So cute! You walk up to her and say hi and she will answer back with a hi! It always surprises people.

Sorry this post is old and took a long time to post.  I had trouble took me awhile to figure out the reason. Sorry for the delay!