Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our One year Old!

Isn't she cute! She has been walking and standing since she was 10 Months old!
We got these necklaces in Maui and she is always wearing them. She loves to put them on.

Once she got this bear to hold she didn't want to let go of it. She is a little girl now. A baby no more. Walking and running around. Climbing too! She so cute with her own baby. She follows some instructions like come sit down, or go get your baby. She is trying really hard to say lots of different words. Doggie and duckie are two favorites right now.
She loves the pool. She loves to go in with Daddy. She is pretty good about not trying to go in it herself. She calls for Chris to come get her and take her in the pool for a ride. She has been such a blessing to us. We enjoy her so much. She is such a cuddly baby. I can't believe the year is gone and she is now 14 months old.
The boys are so good with her. Nathan is always singing to her and Jacob likes to make sure she is safe. It is fun to watch them together.

Three great kids. We really are blessed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Park Play!

The kids love water! Although this beach had too much bird droppings for my liking!
Such a big girl now!

Couldn't get a cute picture of him playing because while swinging he let go and fell off. Scared us! I am pretty sure it scared him too. But he was okay!

And our first MONKEY!
This was a cool park with a great climbing area.
THe parks here in Ontario are always busy.

She loves the swing!

A visit to the CN Tower. We love spending time together and we have a lot we want to see out here before we move back home. The best part is we can do it together!
What a view!

Monday, June 1, 2009

1) Well we have had moving companies in to do estimates. Chris's work will decide. I am very thankful for packers! I could NOT imagine trying to get it all ready.

2) 1 Month of school left! WOW!

3) 58 days until I come home I think....if we go with a certain moving company

4) I will be going back to work. Teaching grade 5 at a pretty amazing school! I am totally looking forward to it!

5) Baby ducks are back in the yard as of today. I don't know if it is the same ones. They look the same size. Shouldn't they seem a little bigger now? Also, there are only 9 of them.

6) Our family found a Robin's nest in the backyard. It had an egg in it and we checked it today and the baby bird has hatched!! The kids were quite excited.

7) The peas, onions and corn have all started to grow in the garden. And I mean real ones not the ones farmed on facebook!

8) Still haven't gone camping yet. We hope to go somewhere soon. Any suggestions for Southern Ontario?

9) I picked up Sarah's 1 year pictures and I will post them when the CD comes it. That will be way easier than scanning them.

10) Time is starting to feel like it is rushing by....I hope it slows down!