Saturday, December 26, 2009

A night in Bethlehem!

Our church did this big night where you were to experience a Night in Bethlehem. It was quite an experience with everyone dressed up and all kinds of activities to try out. We really enjoyed it! Sarah loved the visiting the stable with the live animals. Nathan really enjoyed the pottery booth. Jacob enjoyed trying on the Roman Soldier outfits! A pretty amazing night really. I thought the picture they took of us was quite cool too!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Sarah was a little afraid of Santa, but sitting on Daddy's knee helped! The first picture they took she was not so happy. But here they are, all three visiting Santa!

Our Christmas card this year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still breech!

I went and had an ultrasound today. The baby is looking healthy, but she is still breech. I have 4-5 weeks to see what is going to happen. Here's hoping she will turn naturally on her own! They Internet sites say some babies can turn on their own naturally up to 37 weeks. So I hope she will!

I still need to do some Christmas shopping and of course start wrapping up some gifts! I was hoping to do some baking.....but that may have to wait until after Christmas. I seem to be running out of time.

Tomorrow Jacob picks up his new glasses....maybe I will have time to down load some pictures to show just how cute he is in his new glasses.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tooth Fairy we are waiting for you!

The tooth fairy is coming to our house tonight!!!

I can't wait until tomorrow morning!

Other News:

Everyone in our house except Daddy has had an eye exam. We discovered that Jacob needs glasses to help strengthen the muscles in one of his eyes. We were at the eye doctor today and he really liked a blue pair of Spiderman glasses! Very cool! We ordered the glasses and now have to wait about a week for them to arrive. He looked so cute in them! I hope he won't be too shy to wear them.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A little bit of Everything!

Nathan went bowling for his birthday party and he got a trophy at the end! Well he LOVES it! He took it to church, to school and even wanted a picture of his trophy with one of his Daddy's trophies. It has been a month later and he is still taking it places and talking about it!

Bakugan Boy for Halloween 09

Red Power Ranger Halloween 09

Cute Bunny for Outside Halloween 09

Daddy and Sarah

Nathan at Hockey
Jacob at Hockey.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sooooo Cute!

If you know my husband, he has a favorite character from Trailer Park Boys. Can you tell who that character might just be? He got these glasses for a presentation he put together for work. But they came home and some little girl in our house loves to wear them. She looks so cute! The smile on her face tells me she knows this!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Catch Up Time! Thanksgiving Day!


We had my parents over for dinner.

Sarah with a black eye, but cute pig tails!

The after effects of pig tails! She is going to LOVE

this picture when she grows up!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I couldn't resist leaving the pictures up for so long. I love looking at them. Really quite amazing! Every time I look at them I realize just how blessed we are!

I am very excited to report that we are going to be developing our basement! We have some window people stopping by tomorrow to see if we should make the windows there bigger or add another one. It depends on what they say about the brick out front of the house. We are open to either, but adding another window would really brighten things up.

We need to clean up the basement a bit more. That will happen this weekend! Then we will be ready for what ever work to begin. I am very excited!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby number 4 is a GIRL!

We were not able to find out at our 18 week ultrasound the gender of the baby and we didn't get to take home any pictures. And those of you who know me well....the part of having no pictures would NOT go over well. So we decided to try a private ultrasound at 26 weeks. I really enjoyed the session and our whole family was there to find out together and see her for the first time.

We got some amazing pictures and the tech was 100% sure about the gender. I guess the baby being so many weeks older and bigger helps to see or not see what you need to.

We are very happy to be having another girl. I think it will be great for Sarah! They will be 21 months apart and having the two boys that close worked out so well! Plus it makes it quite a bit easier for the whole sharing of the room thing. Sarah's room was pink and I wasn't sure I would repaint anytime soon! We are feeling very blessed! Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jacob is performing something at school. I wish I could go see! I guess I will have to send Daddy with a Camera!

Daddy is least it is only for a few days at a time! But tomorrow could be my first attempt at getting the boys dressed for hockey. I say could be because I will be at an all day outside field trip for my own class tomorrow. I could be pretty tired, but I will decide tomorrow. I don't like to miss things....but that is a lot for one day and being 26 weeks pregnant.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sarah is trying to say new words each day. I love that. She can say the word baby and points to my belly. Then she will give my belly a hug. It is quite cute....but I wonder what she will think when the baby is actually here?

I am just over half way to 40 weeks. Can't believe that already!!

Still getting things done around the house. A little by little each weekend. I finally got my favorite pictures hung up. Now I need to somehow find a matching frame for baby #4. Maybe Costco will get more in.

I am going to down load pictures and hopefully post some!

Until then....Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 14, 2009


The boys started a camp this week for hockey. They will be working on some skills for the next few days. They are enjoying it!

Sarah is cutting more teeth. Poor girl! Two molars on top and the eye teeth on top all cutting through together. She has been a little cranky this week and now I can understand why.

Life is getting busy here. I have a feeling it will be that way for awhile.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy and Good!

Life has been so busy at our household. New school routines, a nanny, Mommy back to work, Daddy in a new job, camping, some unpacking, some yard work, shopping and daily life of course!

My new school has been great! All so friendly. I am very thankful.

The Nanny is awesome! She has been doing a GREAT job with the kids, and she is just such a nice person. I pray that the papers we just sent in don't take too long. We applied for her work permit and I am praying that we won't have to wait long. So if you have a minute, say a quick prayer for a fast return on the paperwork!

Kids have also enjoyed their new school. Jacob came home today and told me all about a man named Terry Fox. He did a pretty good job explaining some of his story. He is sooooo excited about his agenda book. He checks to make sure I have seen it and signed it. Quite funny.

Nathan has not complained about going to school. We had some rough drop offs last year so that is a huge improvement. He has been coming home and sharing with us some of the new songs he has been learning. He's so proud of himself. Very cute!

Sarah is growing up sooooo fast! She is all over! She loves to push her stroller around the house and is starting to say some more words. She is turning into such a little girl! I love it!

How will baby number 4 fit into this mix? Time seems to fly by so I am sure January will be here before we know it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

What's Up?

I was at a good friend's house for dinner last week and she made this awesome salad. I liked it so much I made it tonight for dinner. It was a Cobb Salad. Chris said he loved it. So thanks Kirsten for making the salad for me! Even the boys ate the hard boiled eggs! Sarah chowed down on the bacon, but who doesn't love crispy bacon! Mmmmmmmm gooooooood!

I started work for real today. Can't really believe that! The summer is almost gone!

I am in the process of still getting settled. Main floor is 90% there. Except for the boxes we keep bringing in to unpack! Upstairs is all done except for one box of clothes I won't be wearing anytime soon! The Play area still has about three boxes. That leaves the garage and basement. I am going to try to attempt a little nit everyday. The problem is, I can't move a lot of stuff because it is too heavy. So poor Chris gets stuck with a lot of the heavy work and me just bossing him around. Doesn't sound like too bad a deal....for me!:)

Tonight Chris is putting together the trampoline and organizing all the outside furniture. I think the mountain of boxes we have outside gets picked up Wednesday by the moving company. I can't wait until they are GONE!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Well it has been a very busy time for us! But we are happy to be home in Calgary!

Point form update:
  • our stuff didn't all fit on the truck (first person took up more than they expected)
  • painted our family room, laundry room, and Sarah's bedroom
  • unpacked for two days straight- I was thankful Chris was home to help!
  • went to Music Camp - had a great time! The kids especially!
  • back home to the unpacking, but as of today the kitchen, living room and dinning room are free of boxes!
  • we get a new land line number tomorrow sometime
  • our stuff that didn't make the load comes tomorrow as well
  • Chris is off to TO today
  • kids first day with the nanny is tomorrow

So much to do and not a lot of time to finish up! I have some pictures to post from some of our Eastern adventures. Just need to hook up the main computer and then I can upload some of them. Sorry for the delay in posting!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One week today
  • my packers will have packed
  • the truck will be loaded and on its way to Calgary
  • my suitcases will be packed
  • the cleaners will have cleaned
  • Chris will have his last day at work
  • I Will board a plane with 3 kids and 2 dogs

Seriously, doesn't seem real, but something tells me the flight out West with my 15 month old will bring me right back to reality! Oh the fun!

Sarah has had a fever the last couple of days. Hopefully it will all run its course and be done before the big day! She is saying the word BABY now, it is very cute.

Boys are doing well. They keep asking about when they will get to see their friends. Hopefully, they will get to see some of their friends this coming weekend.

Jacob wanted to know if his room would still be painted the same. He is so funny about that stuff.

I will miss things about Waterloo for sure, but there are somethings I WILL NOT MISS!

  1. Renting - I hate it! I will be glad to be back in my OWN house again
  2. Gardening - Tooooooooooooo much of it here!
  3. Pool - yes I do not enjoy having a pool. Probably has a lot to do with renting part and the fact that the rainy season we have had makes it difficult to keep up with the pool.
  4. Ashfault driveways
  5. Iron bar stool chairs

This house might be bigger by actual square footage, but our house in Calgary has a layout I like so much better. Looking forward to it! I miss my kitchen, appliances that work, kid friendly backyard. 10-12 days and all my stuff should be there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Van is on a truck on on its way to Calgary. I can't believe we are half way through the month of July! I have downloaded some pictures to our other computer so I will post something more exciting later.

The boys are off on their big day! I hope they have lots of fun!

Monday, July 6, 2009

What is going on here.

We finally got the lap top back so hopefully I can get back to some regular blogging!

I have been disappointed with the weather here! I still have yet to feel the heat! Or really even the humidity thing! Like come on already lets have some regular sunshine! I don't want to see anymore weather forecasts with rain drops coming out of the clouds! I only have a few more weeks to enjoy this pool!

The boys are going to half day camps this week. They play games, do crafts, and more games. Some of their friends from school also registered so they were quite happy to see them when they got there. It made for quite a quiet afternoon around here.

Sarah is doing well. Maybe a little too well. She has figured out how to pull her chair over to the couch and use it to climb up onto the couch! She is so proud of herself when she does it too! It is amazing how much she is changing. No baby here anymore. We have a big girl now. Her hair is getting longer. She looks so cute with little bows in her hair but she won't keep them in. Her hair is almost long enough for pig tails! If I manage to find some really small elastics I will post a picture. She loves getting her hair brushed so it will be funny to see her reaction to the pig tails!

Moving stuff is all booked. I just need to book my flights home! That will be on this weeks to do list! I have a few other things I need to settle but other than that the big stuff is done.

Next week we are looking forward to visitors from the West! Time is flying by again and before we know it we will be unpacking boxes in Calgary.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our One year Old!

Isn't she cute! She has been walking and standing since she was 10 Months old!
We got these necklaces in Maui and she is always wearing them. She loves to put them on.

Once she got this bear to hold she didn't want to let go of it. She is a little girl now. A baby no more. Walking and running around. Climbing too! She so cute with her own baby. She follows some instructions like come sit down, or go get your baby. She is trying really hard to say lots of different words. Doggie and duckie are two favorites right now.
She loves the pool. She loves to go in with Daddy. She is pretty good about not trying to go in it herself. She calls for Chris to come get her and take her in the pool for a ride. She has been such a blessing to us. We enjoy her so much. She is such a cuddly baby. I can't believe the year is gone and she is now 14 months old.
The boys are so good with her. Nathan is always singing to her and Jacob likes to make sure she is safe. It is fun to watch them together.

Three great kids. We really are blessed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Park Play!

The kids love water! Although this beach had too much bird droppings for my liking!
Such a big girl now!

Couldn't get a cute picture of him playing because while swinging he let go and fell off. Scared us! I am pretty sure it scared him too. But he was okay!

And our first MONKEY!
This was a cool park with a great climbing area.
THe parks here in Ontario are always busy.

She loves the swing!

A visit to the CN Tower. We love spending time together and we have a lot we want to see out here before we move back home. The best part is we can do it together!
What a view!

Monday, June 1, 2009

1) Well we have had moving companies in to do estimates. Chris's work will decide. I am very thankful for packers! I could NOT imagine trying to get it all ready.

2) 1 Month of school left! WOW!

3) 58 days until I come home I think....if we go with a certain moving company

4) I will be going back to work. Teaching grade 5 at a pretty amazing school! I am totally looking forward to it!

5) Baby ducks are back in the yard as of today. I don't know if it is the same ones. They look the same size. Shouldn't they seem a little bigger now? Also, there are only 9 of them.

6) Our family found a Robin's nest in the backyard. It had an egg in it and we checked it today and the baby bird has hatched!! The kids were quite excited.

7) The peas, onions and corn have all started to grow in the garden. And I mean real ones not the ones farmed on facebook!

8) Still haven't gone camping yet. We hope to go somewhere soon. Any suggestions for Southern Ontario?

9) I picked up Sarah's 1 year pictures and I will post them when the CD comes it. That will be way easier than scanning them.

10) Time is starting to feel like it is rushing by....I hope it slows down!

Monday, May 25, 2009

What have we been up too?

Sarah loves the trampoline. And I love it too!
It is the safe place for her in a yard with a giant pool.

My walker. She is all over the place! Even running at times!

We visited the police the other weekend. It was quite fun. They had many displays set up and lots for the kids to see and do! The best was free! Above is Jacob with the bomb robot.

Sarah catching bad guys.

Safety City was a highlight of the day. Driving your own car! The boys were loving this!

My one year old!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Backyard Babies

Our Newest Back yard visitors!
The boys feeding them.

Aren't they cute!

That is where she slept with her babies for a few nights. We had to put the boards in the pool because they were too small to get out on their own. They were here for 4 or five days and then suddenly today I looked out and they were gone. Kinda sad, I was enjoying having them around! Maybe they will come back for another visit.