Thursday, July 23, 2009

One week today
  • my packers will have packed
  • the truck will be loaded and on its way to Calgary
  • my suitcases will be packed
  • the cleaners will have cleaned
  • Chris will have his last day at work
  • I Will board a plane with 3 kids and 2 dogs

Seriously, doesn't seem real, but something tells me the flight out West with my 15 month old will bring me right back to reality! Oh the fun!

Sarah has had a fever the last couple of days. Hopefully it will all run its course and be done before the big day! She is saying the word BABY now, it is very cute.

Boys are doing well. They keep asking about when they will get to see their friends. Hopefully, they will get to see some of their friends this coming weekend.

Jacob wanted to know if his room would still be painted the same. He is so funny about that stuff.

I will miss things about Waterloo for sure, but there are somethings I WILL NOT MISS!

  1. Renting - I hate it! I will be glad to be back in my OWN house again
  2. Gardening - Tooooooooooooo much of it here!
  3. Pool - yes I do not enjoy having a pool. Probably has a lot to do with renting part and the fact that the rainy season we have had makes it difficult to keep up with the pool.
  4. Ashfault driveways
  5. Iron bar stool chairs

This house might be bigger by actual square footage, but our house in Calgary has a layout I like so much better. Looking forward to it! I miss my kitchen, appliances that work, kid friendly backyard. 10-12 days and all my stuff should be there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Van is on a truck on on its way to Calgary. I can't believe we are half way through the month of July! I have downloaded some pictures to our other computer so I will post something more exciting later.

The boys are off on their big day! I hope they have lots of fun!

Monday, July 6, 2009

What is going on here.

We finally got the lap top back so hopefully I can get back to some regular blogging!

I have been disappointed with the weather here! I still have yet to feel the heat! Or really even the humidity thing! Like come on already lets have some regular sunshine! I don't want to see anymore weather forecasts with rain drops coming out of the clouds! I only have a few more weeks to enjoy this pool!

The boys are going to half day camps this week. They play games, do crafts, and more games. Some of their friends from school also registered so they were quite happy to see them when they got there. It made for quite a quiet afternoon around here.

Sarah is doing well. Maybe a little too well. She has figured out how to pull her chair over to the couch and use it to climb up onto the couch! She is so proud of herself when she does it too! It is amazing how much she is changing. No baby here anymore. We have a big girl now. Her hair is getting longer. She looks so cute with little bows in her hair but she won't keep them in. Her hair is almost long enough for pig tails! If I manage to find some really small elastics I will post a picture. She loves getting her hair brushed so it will be funny to see her reaction to the pig tails!

Moving stuff is all booked. I just need to book my flights home! That will be on this weeks to do list! I have a few other things I need to settle but other than that the big stuff is done.

Next week we are looking forward to visitors from the West! Time is flying by again and before we know it we will be unpacking boxes in Calgary.