Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day!

Nathan and Sarah built some "igloos"

We went to the oval to check out some of the family fun!
Saw some speed skating
2 out of 4 kids got their faces painted
kids went on the bounce house
got a wacky family picture taken.....they send it to you so I don't
have it just yet.
That is some of what we did today.
What did you do for family day?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy First Birthday Ahsley!

I don't know when or how this happened....but she turns one today!

I miss these moments!
Ashley you are an awesome baby
Always happy and ready to play
You enjoy playing with little ponies or Dora
You sometimes even watch TV shows
You smile so easy
You are the best eater
You can say, uh oh!, Mama, Dada and sometimes it sounds like other things
You know when we close the gate it means you can't come and you don't like that
You will stand around things but aren't ready to venture away from holding on to things
You have a more laid back personality than your sister
You are cuddly and like it when the kids play with you
You play peek a boo....and it is so cute
Your hair is long enough to put a small pony in
You enjoy watching yourself in the mirror
You LOVE to Dance and it is so fun to watch
Any time you hear music you start to dance
You are my sweet precious baby girl!
I am so thankful I get to be your Mom!
I love you!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday!!!!

Jacob is 8 years old today! Wow!

My Jacob you are such a great kid!

You are happy and love to laugh

You are a talented wii player who actually finishes games

You are not a fan or rice, or anything with noodles

You look pretty cute in your glasses

You are a super star in Math at school and won a student of Month award for it

You only like to drink orange juice

You are passionate about things and really try to do well at them

You are a kind and caring big brother

You can be sensitive

You are learning so much everyday at school

You love to play board games, especially Hockey Monopoly

You are doing so well at reading

You love lego

You have been told by your principal you are the best dancer at school

You love to do things as a family and I like that too

You still like to play with toys and set up army bases or star wars command centres

You love doing devotions with Daddy

You love listening to stories at night

You have a funny sense of humour

You would eat a cheese sandwich everyday for lunch

You have only lost two bottom teeth

You have grown a whole inch since November

You are extremely smart, athletic and a hard worker

But the best part......I get to be your Mom!

Love you buddy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ashley and I had fun watching for awhile....but it was cold! So we hung out in the truck and waited for the rest of the family. They had a great time. Sarah is an outdoor girl. She LOVED it! So great to do things together. Next year will be a little more together when Ashley can take a ride down the hill!